1. Services

1 Dental Clinic is a fully comprehensive dental service providing treatment and care in all fields of dentistry. Our extensively trained team of dentists, therapists, hygienists and nurses are experienced, caring and passionate about providing a dental service that patients are happy and comfortable with.

Our dental treatments include simple oral health assessments, hygienist services, routine dental treatment and extends to treatments such as orthodontics, veneers, dental implants, preventative dentistry, and special care dentistry for the medically compr

Our list of services

  • Oral Health Assessment & Examinations

    The key to great oral health is prevention. At 1 Dental Clinic we pride ourselves on our in depth and relevant assessment process.

    At the first appointment, patients can expect to have a relaxed and friendly discussion with our dentists about how they look after their teeth.

    We will discuss simple things such as the number of times a patient brushes their teeth, and if they have a little bit of a sweet tooth. Once we have carried out an assessment and taken any necessary xrays, our specialised dental software generates a simple coloured coded risk assessment. This assessment is available at the end of the appointment, and can be emailed to patients to help keep them informed.

  • Dental Hygiene and Oral Health Education
  • Cosmetic Bonding and White Fillings

    Whilst the NHS may still involve the use of silver mercury fillings, our clinicians are able to offer white fillings as suitable alternatives and replacements to patients requiring fillings.

    White fillings often do not require as much drilling compared to mercury fillings, by the very nature in which they work. These white fillings are bonded to the teeth unlike silver mercury fillings, allowing for strength in areas where extensive tooth tissue may have been lost.

    When selecting white fillings, our highly skilled clinicians will select from a range of shades to ensure that the closest colour match to your existing tooth colour is achieved.

    An additional benefit of white fillings is their use to repair worn and chipped teeth. In the right circumstances white fillings can be used to replace chipped teeth without extensive drilling or treatments such as veneers and crowns. Best of all they can be placed in one visit, quickly and are relatively inexpensive when compared to other options such as veneers and crowns.

    Speak to your dentist to see if these options are suitable and best for you.

  • Dental Implants

    Recent advancement in the use of medical grade titanium has allowed for the advancement of dental implants as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth.

    Following the loss of a tooth, the body responds by removing the bone that used to hold the tooth. Overtime these changes can affect the facial profile as well as reducing eating and chewing ability.

    The placement of a dental implant allows the body to retain the bone, keep the facial profile and maintain eating and chewing function.

    Dental implants once integrated into the bone, can be used to replace one tooth, be part of a bridge, or when combined with multiple implants can even replace all of the teeth in the jaw.

    We offer the fantastic ALL on 4 Dental Implant system, which means that you can have all the teeth in one jaw replaced with only 4 dental implants and a fixed bridge to go on top. Best of all, this procedure is done in 1 day, so the results are instant.

    Speak to one of our clinicians to see if you could benefit from dental implants.

  • Smile Makeovers, Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Veneers, Bridges & Crowns

    Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way over the last 15 years, and with the development of high strength porcelain veneers and crowns, patients are now able to achieve beautiful ceramic restorations which are strong and look great.

    The development of a smile to fit the face has very much been the science behind our trademark Synergistic Smile treatment.  Using our expertise, we offer patients a 3D model called a Diagnostic Wax Up of their own teeth, and how we can achieve a smile that suits them. Once we have designed a smile that the patient is happy with, we discuss and choose the best type of restoration. This can either be a veneer or crown type restoration.

    Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are bonded to the front of teeth, often with little to no preparation. These extremely thin porcelain layers become incredibly strong once they are bonded to teeth, and using our expert ceramic technicians, we are able to achieve shades of white that really make a patient`s smile stand out.

    All porcelain crowns are very similar to veneers in their material, however they are designed to wrap around the whole tooth. Due to their design, they do involve more preparation than veneers, but are stronger and more retentive because of this.

    Our team of clinicians carefully sit down with each patient and discuss the best treatment for them, to ensure they receive a smile they are proud of.

    Porcelain restorations are strong, stain resistant and allow patients to change the colour of their teeth permanently. For patients who would like or are thinking about cosmetic dentistry, we offer free consultations to discuss the best treatment for them.

  • Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening has come a long way since it was first introduced as a commercial treatment to the public. Strict European Union laws prohibit the use of teeth whitening unless under the direction of trained dental professionals.

    1 Dental clinic offers a range of teeth whitening products such as the instant start Opalescence Go whitening trays.

    For patients looking for a more profound whitening experience we offer Home Whitening and Power Whitening services.

    Our Enlighten power whitening system involves the fabrication of fitted whitening trays. Patients are instructed to wear the whitening trays nightly for a period of two weeks and then on the 15th day they attend for an in-surgery appointment, where a final much higher concentration whitening gel is placed under dentist supervision. The combination of the home and in-surgery treatments provides patients with a deep and lasting whitening treatment, that is easy to maintain with a simple once monthly night whitening.

    For patients who wish to have a gentler whitening treatment, without the in-surgery component, we offer the home whitening treatment independently. This treatment can be tailored to the patients needs, either being done during the day or at night whilst they sleep.

  • Orthodontics

    1 Dental clinic offers a variety of orthodontic options available to patients who are interested in the cosmetic improvement of their teeth. Orthodontic treatment is the use of controlled forces to gently move teeth into a more favourable position.

    Our trained clinicians provide a variety of orthodontic systems which are designed to be cosmetic and short term treatments. Most treatments take approximately 6 12 months.

    Our most popular orthodontic systems provided are as follows:

    - Six Month Smiles
    - Invisalign
    - Inman Aligner
    - Fastbraces

  • Facial Rejuvenation using Botox & Dermal Filler

    With the increased demand to stay health, look and feel younger much research has been done in to treatments which can reduce the signs of aging.

    Botox and Dermal fillers when used appropriately and by trained clinicians can be incredibly effective at reducing wrinkles and providing a more youthful appearance.

    These treatments are not solely for woman, but also suitable for men who also share the desire to look younger and healthier.

    Our clinicians are expertly trained and licenced to provide these treatments, and with our unique pricing structure for these treatments, the more friends you refer, the cheaper the treatment becomes for everyone.

    If you have any questions please email our Botox & Dermal Filler specialist by clicking here or feel free to browse our partner sites for more information about these treatments.

  • PerioProtect

    This revolutionary system when used in conjunction with our oral hygiene programme has been shown to improve periodontal health and reduce gum disease.

    The Perio Protect system works by the fabrication of special mouthguards, which when used in conjunction with the special Perio Protect gel, allows for the gel to seep into the infected periodontal pockets and helps kill the bacteria and reduce the infection.

    Patients are required to maintain excellent oral hygiene and would need to prevent aggravating factors such as smoking.

    For more information please visit the Perio Protect website by clicking here

  • Periochip

    In conjunction with our Perio Protect system, we offer the direct placement of Periochips. These small chips contain Chlorhexidine, which has been shown to kill bacteria and reduce periodontal pockets. Periochips are easy and painless to place and can be done within minutes best of all they are not expensive and are clinically proven to work.

    Once you have been assessed by our dentists and assessed to benefit from these treatments, they can be managed by our hygienist and therapist team, meaning

    For more information please visit the Perio Protect website by clicking here.

  • Anti-Snoring Devices

    Unfortunately snoring is a reality for most people. Thankfully 1 Dental Clinic has an effective solution to reduce and eliminate snoring.

    With the delivery of the Sleepwell appliance, 1 Dental Clinic is able to offer a solution that is comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean.

    The device works by the fabrication of two mouth guards, which when fitted are designed to latch together. This latching postures the lower jaw slightly forwards, allowing for the smooth passage of airflow through the respiratory system and reducing the sound that causes snoring.

    Speak to one of our dentists at the time of your appointment to see if the Sleepwell Anti-Snoring device is the best option for you.